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Mt. Hood Hospice believes grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one for children as well as adults.


Mt. Hood Hospice believes that grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one for children as well as adults. We believe that each individual has the capacity to heal, that the duration and intensity of grief are unique to each of us and that caring, sharing and acceptance.

Grief Support for Adults

This is a support group for people grieving a loss due to a death. Whether it has been months or years since your loss, this group can provide a supportive environment to help you develop coping skills. Grief takes longer than 5 weeks. View calendar for times and place. If you’d like additional support, see contact information in sidebar.

Grief Support for Kids, Teens and Families

Support and Healing for Early Life Losses (SHELL) at Mt. Hood Hospice provides support for children, teens and their families grieving the death of someone close. Whether its been weeks, months or years since your loss, sharing your experiences with others who have been there can help. Our groups are facilitated by compassionate, trained volunteers and supervised by qualified professionals. Groups meet at Mt. Hood Hospice offices in Sandy and are open to all at no cost. View calendar for all group times. Returnees are welcome. Please register.

Littles: The children’s group is for kids ages 5 – 11. Kids are invited to express their thoughts and feelings through a talking circle and various play activities.
Teens: The teen group is for young people ages 12 – 18. Teens share stories and feelings and can participate in expressive arts activities such as journaling, compiling memory boxes and working in clay.
Families: Adults receive support through their own grief experiences and information on supporting their children in theirs.

Awakening Joy: A Happiness Support Group

Mt. Hood Hospice invites you to participate in our popular happiness support group based on the book Awakening Joy, by James Baraz.
More than just a “feel-good” program, this group focuses on practical ways to incline the mind towards happiness and provides a positive network for developing and strengthening practices that support a happier life.
The larger vision of Awakening Joy is that cultivating personal joy benefits everyone in our lives and produces a rippling effect of bringing more consciousness and well-being to the planet. We hope you will join us on this five-month adventure in mindfulness as we develop our natural capacity for well-being, happiness and ease.

Individualized Support Groups

In-services for facility staff (assisted living, memorycare, residential or nursing homes): How to be with people in grief: Professional caregivers are often on the front line with families grieving the loss of a loved one. We can help facility staff feel confident interacting with the recently bereaved.
Self-care for professional caregivers: Caregivers grieve too! Help prevent burn-out by honoring your grief and taking care of yourself and each other.
Grief support groups for residents at assisted living and senior communities: Many residents of senior communities are grieving losses old and recent, and unable to get out to attend a support group. We can work with you to provide support at your location.
Grief education/support for your faith community: Does your church have a care ministry? Learn about grief and how to provide support both for the sick and for the bereaved.
Bereavement support for children and teens: SHELL @ Mt. Hood Hospice provides support for young people and their families.

Contact us to schedule an individualized support group.

Grief Support Contact

View the times and place on our calendar.

Contact Valerie Hayden to register for a support group: