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Mt. Hood Hospice believes grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one for children as well as adults.


Mt. Hood Hospice believes that grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one for children as well as adults. We believe that each individual has the capacity to heal, that the duration and intensity of grief are unique to each of us and that caring, sharing and acceptance help us process our grief. Grief support is free of charge for phone calls and community groups.

All groups are hosted on Zoom while Covid -19 restrictions are in effect to protect the health of participants and staff. Support is available in helping you access internet based groups using a computer, smart phone or a landline.

Caregivers Together

If you are caring for an adult loved one who has a severe health condition, this group connects you with other caregivers. We can share the successes, challenges, joys and heartbreak that go along with providing support to someone you love. The shifts that happen in our relationships, responsibilities, and identities will be focal points during supportive conversations.

Living with Grief

A support group for people grieving a loss due to a death. Whether it has been months or years since your loss, this group can provide a supportive environment to learn about and explore your grief process, connect with others, and try new strategies.

Phone conversations are available for any adult in the community who is struggling with grief. You do not have to have a connection to Mt. Hood Hospice to access short term support. You can share your challenges, get information related to grief and assistance locating resources to help you through your transition to life without your loved one physically available.

Grief and the Holidays

This group is designed for anyone who is wanting extra support following the death of a loved one as holidays and the end of the year approach. We will learn about grief, explore our own grief process, try new strategies to help when grief is heavy, and connect with others who are sharing the journey of life after loss. A modified version of our Living with Grief series, discussion includes challenges and adaptations that can come up during the holidays and the changing of the year.

Grief and Complicated Circumstances

This group is designed to help those who had complicating circumstances such as challenging relationship dynamics and/ or substance use involvement connected to their loved one. We will learn about grief and explore our own grief process and connect with others who are sharing a similar journey of grief.

Special attention to how these challenging dynamics can influence our grief is a focus of this group.

Continuing Conversations Social Hour

An informal conversation and social gathering to foster conversation, connection and support for those who are missing a loved one. This is a drop-in group so people can come as it works for their schedules. There is not a formal curriculum or agenda. Instead, conversation is based on the interests of the people who are attending.

​Individualized Support Groups

In-services for facility staff (assisted living, memory care, residential or nursing homes): How to be with people in grief: Professional caregivers are often on the front line with families grieving the loss of a loved one. We can help facility staff feel confident interacting with the recently bereaved.

Self-care for professional caregivers: Caregivers grieve too! Help prevent burn-out by honoring your grief and taking care of yourself and each other.

Grief support groups for residents at assisted living and senior communities: Many residents of senior communities are grieving losses old and recent, and unable to get out to attend a support group. We can work with you to provide support at your location.

Grief education/support for your faith community: Does your church have a care ministry? Learn about grief and how to provide support both for the sick and for the bereaved.

Contact us to schedule an individualized support group.

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Registration is required prior to meetings. Contact Laura Lirette to register,

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