Veteran Services

Recognizing the unique needs of veterans.

Veterans Facing End-Of-Life Issues

Facing the end of life for many veterans means coming to terms and trying to find some sense of peace for all of the horrors they have witnessed. Hospice staff may provide the last opportunity for veterans to feel that their service was not in vain, and that they are appreciated. Simple acts of gratitude at the end-of-life can hopefully help to make up for a lack of appreciation or recognition during the veteran’s lifetime, especially for those veterans who were never welcomed home or thanked for their service.

As hospice professionals, we will do everything we can to honor our vets and recognize the special care and gratitude they deserve.

Mesothelioma Veterans Outreach – Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by the inhalation or ingestion of asbestos fibers.  Veterans account for almost 30% of all diagnoses in the US each year.  VA Benefits are available to veterans with mesothelioma. Go to for more information.