Many people think they aren’t able to afford hospice services. So, what does it cost to have hospice care?
You might be surprised to know, that hospice is covered 100% by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance AND most importantly that Mt. Hood Hospice won’t turn anyone away regardless of their ability to pay!
When someone is on hospice services medications related to the terminal illness are covered and are delivered free of charge. We also offer DME (durable medical equipment) such as a hospital bed, oxygen tanks, wheelchair, walker, bedside commode, etc. at no charge. Other available items in limited quantity include incontinence type products, protective under pads, plastic/latex gloves, baby wipes and comfort med kit. These items may be needed as the patient becomes weaker.
What can hospice do for you? The holistic approach of hospice encompasses vital assistance that families need at such a vulnerable time. Mt. Hood Hospice offers a team approach to help care for the body, mind and soul of the patient and includes support for the family.
What makes us different from other hospice organizations? Families will have peace of mind knowing that they will never receive a bill for services. Mt. Hood Hospice has one of the lowest nurse to patient ratios, which allows us to offer more consistent and personalized care for each patient.
We also offer amazing support groups for caregivers and grief support. Many are online with a few in-person events, all of which are free of charge to anyone in the community. No connection to Mt. Hood Hospice is not required.
Amazingly, hope and healing can take place during the end-of-life journey and our team will be right there with you. Like you, our top priority is your loved one.
Have questions about hospice eligibility? Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.