You are still in your pajama’s, hair messed up, your forgot to put your dentures in…but guess who is thrilled to see you? Pets don’t care where you live or what you look like, they love you no matter what. That’s unconditional love.

Why is a hospice talking about pets? We are a proud legacy partner of “Pet Peace of Mind” and work hard to care not only for the terminally ill patient and family, but their beloved pets. Preserving the loving bond patients have with their pets is vital.

Pets take up a lot of energy, money and time. It becomes difficult to care for a pet when someone is ill. Our volunteers walk the dogs, change litter boxes, feed pets and help with transportation. Because of generous donations we also cover the cost of food, grooming and routine vet care.

Respecting the relationship between people and their pets at the deepest level, we actively advocate for the pet’s role as an important member of the caregiving team. We are driven to preserve the bond of love because we understand the importance of that bond in the lives of our patients.

By including pets in advance care planning, we work for positive outcomes for the treasured pet who is about to lose the most important person in their life. Our goal is to help re-home the pet and make sure they can experience a lifetime of love in their new home.